Ooh la la, new fabrics!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You know, I actually love my business. Seriously.

Today before Uni I went out on a fabric buying frenzy at all my favourite haunts, like a child in a candy shop, carefully considering each gorgeous design with the next, then the thrill of the purchase came!!! I came home with paper bags full of delicious new threads that I can't wait to make into my wee creations.

It's all about the little joys x x x


Gettin' Crafty at Kraftbomb

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So because we all like a little eye candy, I thought that I'd pop up some photo's of my stall at the April Kraftbomb.

(and for those playing at home, you will remember last time I was a little nervous and absent minded and forgot the camera....)

It was a pretty good turn out considering it was drizzling outside and most people were tucked up inside somewhere. I had loads of interest and lots of people stopped for a chat which was nice, and as usual, had a good chat to the vendors who are always super friendly.

One thing I loved, was a few people who bought some last month stopped to say hello, and let me know what they had done with their new additions or the reactions of their gift recipients. So cool to find out where those little things go!

Hooray for the lovely City and Karla who always put in oodles of effort into each Kraftbomb!

Jess x x x


Kraftbomb this weekend

Friday, April 24, 2009

YES! It's already that time again. This year is going by waaaay too fast... anyway, I digress....

So I shall be selling my crafty wares again this month at Kraftbomb (hurrah!!) and I have been furiously making stuff (as you can see from the mess...) to actually be able to sell stuff as lets face it, a bare table isn't interesting no matter how good a salesperson you think you are. I have also had my first big Uni assignment this week (due tomorrow, don't even ask...) so I really have been a busy bee.

So from hard work comes beautiful things, and I have got loads of purty new stuff for Bam Bam Creative that you can grab from the market.

Hope to see you there!

Jess x x


officially, I'm a student - my ID tag says so

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So yes, I have almost finished my second week as a fully integrated student, and I have to say, I quite like it. A whole new world of discounts has opened up to me, as I now have a proper student ID card. As someone who has pretty much not had the advantage of the student discount, since I was in High School (at least 10 years) it really is great. All those times that my friends got in places cheap, got the good price at the cinema or on a bus when we were teenagers and I didn't, my how the tables have turned.

Discounts aside, my course is excellent. Really fast paced and we are being taught so many great skills. I can't wait to learn even more (what a geek I can hear you say from here, shush you), being an older student really puts a value on education. Literally. And when you're hit in the pocket you sure know about it.

Life is gooooooood x x x x

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