Fisrt day jitters...

Monday, March 23, 2009

So, I'm not all about my new business (although it's starting to take over my little house!) and today is my first day back at Uni. After being made redundant and a rushed trip to the hospital (both, unrelated I might add) it gave me a new found appreciation for loads of things - and education was one of them.
I was one of those people that really stuffed around at College. I was at Art College, so I could do my coursework in my sleep as it never really felt like work. But I did take it for granted and walked away when I was ONE PAPER from finishing. Now I'm older, it was my one major regret, so after the whole 'recession' thing kicked in saw it as a great opportunity to snatch back my education with a new found respect.

So today, is my first day back and I'll be starting a Diploma in Graphic Design. Class doesn't start until 1pm this afternoon, and it's like I'm in a waiting room with a pending awful examination in the wings....

I was having all these horrible flash backs from my first day at Intermediate (middle school), just feeling so, so awkward and hoping until it hurt that people wouldn't hate me. Being a whole lot older, I thought it would be easier - but there is still that lingering feeling of being 12 again...

Fingers crossed I don't make a total dick of myself.

Paper Cut  – (March 27, 2009 at 1:18 PM)  

Hi there,

I came across you on etsy and we sound like kindred spirits :)

I've completed the art school the graphic design diploma thing too and am now working for a design form and making crafty things in my spare time.

Well, I'd thought I'd say hi (Hi!), I've started following your blog so I'm sure you'll see more comments from me.

:) Aimee

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