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Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been a long week! And I am very proud to say that I have finished my assignment EARLY and handed it in earlier today. I really thought that it was going to take much longer, but once I broke it down into little bits it wasn't nearly as bad.

We had to design a character to be made into a Wall Decal, along with the logo and packaging to go with it and it needed to be a suitable style so it could be sold in Iko Iko in Auckland. I decided not to go the super easy route and redesign my own stuff (hehe) and I wanted to do something that wasn't quite my style, just to show a bit of variety with my work (as one does).

On Tuesday we had an awesome talk from the guys from Muk Puddy who had some great pointers about character design and animation in general - it was such an interesting tutorial! I really liked the use of flat colours that they were into and basic shapes. While I was researching, I also came across Toki Doki, which is usually not my thing, but some of his stuff was pretty cool.

So I got pen to paper and after filling up pretty much my entire journal, I came up with this little lady. I think she's so sweet, and it was so much fun to do something different. I wanted to use shaded colours rather than black lines, and simple shapes - and she's definitely something that I will revisit later for my portfolio to refine a wee bit, but for now, boxes checked and I'm happy!

Here's the pic of my client composition...

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