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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Everyone!

So I figured out that I probably shouldn't write a blog post about what I am going to blog about, it gets forgotten about and other blog posts just push it to the bottom never to be seen again!

Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I am super sick at the moment with a nasty dose of flu! Not much fun I'll have you know. Feeling very lousy while having to look after the little one as she is also sick with a cold. Just trying to rest and take it easy so that I can get better, especially as there is a lot happening in the next few weeks.

How crazy has this week been with me and Treasuries! I was in some excellent company, including Black Swan Designs and Birdspoke - check out the below posts for details...

So I've been accepted into the next Kraftbomb! Woohoo! It will be nice to head along and see everyone again. The last one was pretty quiet, but I blame that on the torrential rain! It was really bad. Do come along, you can get your Christmas shopping out of the way without having to battle everyone! As always, Sunday 26th July from 11am until 2pm at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Richmond Rd

I had Bronwyn (AKA R.W.Scissors) come over this week for her first crochet lesson! She did really well, and it was fun to teach someone too. I've only been doing crochet since about Febuary/March this year, after my patient Nana (at the age of 87) and good friend Jana taught me, so it's nice to pass on the skills. At the moment I am attempting to make a pair of fingerless gloves (pictured ones aren't mine, mine aren't quite finishes yet!) if you'd like to have a go, the pattern is free from the Lion Brand Yarn website.

I've also been busy last week (well, I started, getting sick sort of got in the way) making a few new items for my line of wall embellishments, I now have a gorgeous 'Curious Owl' and a 'Nutty Squirrel' to add to the fold. I'll have to pop up some photo's soon...

Ok, it's late and I need sleep so I can blog again soon! Now go and try that pattern and make yourself some cosy mits for Winter

Jess x x x

edward and lilly  – (July 17, 2009 at 7:33 PM)  

Not very nice to be sick, but great to be in so many treasuries! Hope you feel better soon.

erin carver  – (July 21, 2009 at 7:25 PM)  

Hey Jess, I just found your blog via your comment on Emma's recent post at Freedom Creative. I LOVE your work! So happy to have found your blog and your etsy shop (saved to my favourites!) and will look forward to following what you're up to! Hope you are on the mend after your dose of flu. :)

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