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Saturday, July 3, 2010

You may have been wondering why I have been so quiet on the blog as of late, and I've been working on something pretty exciting for what feels like forever. It all started last year when I was studying at Uni, the idea was set in motion and the planning began — what am I harping on about? Foxes.co.nz is my next step and an awesome project that I have been busy creating.

Foxes.co.nz is a new on-line store I'll be launching on the 25th July 2010 — right after the Auckland Fair (you can see the blog here). I wanted to create something new and different, something that is in-keeping with the uniqueness and the quality of the Fair and that would also be a natural progression for me with everything that I have done with the Auckland Craft Collective and the Auckland Art & Craft Fair so far. You can find on Foxes a selection of hand chosen, independent, New Zealand made design and handmade products that are all created with careful attention to detail and are of the highest quality. Stocking jewellery, artwork, prints, home wares, kids clothes, cards, magazines, stationery, cards, clothing — everything that I'll be stocking is something that I would love to own myself!

I guess the one thing that I wanted to do with Foxes, is to enable independent artists and designers to remain independent by giving them a professional selling platform that is as dedicated to quality as much as they are. Everything that Foxes stock has either been made lovingly by hand or made locally, so it's perfect for those artists wanting to take that next step and help their business grow — they may outsource their printing or sewing perhaps — but still put the labels on themselves or package up their orders from a back room or a small studio.

Because Foxes is so different to Bam Bam Creative, I have wanted to keep them as separate as I can — Bam Bam Creative is a label that is predominantly for children, while Foxes is much more coveted and refined — like the much older and cooler sister of Bam Bam Creative I guess you could say! Now it's getting closer to the launch and things really are happening, I wanted to share it with you all, especially as all my blog readers have been so supportive of what I have been doing so I hope that you will be just as supportive of Foxes.

Anyway, I have been busy, busy organising everything — the sellers, products, advertising and not to mention the website for the last few months — that and I have had to really, really think about what it is I'm doing with Bam Bam Creative and how much time I have to commit to it. Bam Bam Creative won't be going anywhere, I'll still be making the things that I love to make while doing markets when I can and I will now be selling selected pieces on Foxes. 

I guess this is a long enough post for now, you will no doubt be getting updates at things progress both here and over on the Foxes blog. Hope to see you there!

Jess xx

Pam  – (July 4, 2010 at 10:08 AM)  

All sounds very exciting! :)

Whskr @ Dash Kitten  – (July 8, 2010 at 4:31 PM)  

Fox - duh - that's what I get for typing with very cold hands * le sigh *

Whskr @ Dash Kitten  – (July 8, 2010 at 4:31 PM)  

Good luck and well done! The picture of the fax did make me laugh!!

Tomas and Jones  – (July 14, 2010 at 12:42 AM)  

That is brilliant! Fantastic idea, fantastic industry to support! Heading right on over now to meet Bam Bam's 'older sister'.

All the very best :)

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