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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here at Bam Bam Creative HQ it's time for us to move house! We love our gorgeous little 1950's unit, full of original detail (a little too much original, I'd love mains water pressure!) but unique, cute and quirky all at the same time. It's been a lovely warm and comfortable home and we are very sad to be saying goodbye. One of the perils of renting is that landlords sometimes like to sell their investment properties, and well, get a return on their investment!

We are moving this weekend to a beautiful new house, and acquiring an extra bedroom (to be my office) and a rumpus room (to be my crafting space and Foxes HQ) so I'm hardly complaining.... plus I'm uber excited about having a dishwasher — something that I haven't had for the last few years, haha! Gracie was due to start school a few weeks ago (following her 5th birthday) something that we had to postpone for a few weeks until we're in the new house as I didn't want to disrupt her by settling into a new school then just having to move her again!

Leo 'helping' with the packing...

In light of the new move, I have been busy renovating some furniture that I acquired a while back — some really great 1950's pieces including this sweet little 2 seater couch that has definitely seen better days! This is the before photo, but I have totally sanded it back, stained it very dark and have coated it will a lovely satin finish varnish. Still have to recover the cushions, but I'm really looking forward to the end result. I'll be sure to do a post about it when it's finished! 

Anyway, I'm surrounded by boxes, newspaper and have gone through I don't know how many rolls of packing tape.... but with all the stress, it's still very exciting and we're really looking forward to settling into our new home!

Jennie  – (August 26, 2010 at 1:36 PM)  

Wow - how exciting to have some new spaces to be creative! Hope the move goes well, and that G settles in to her school okay!xx

R.W. Scissors  – (August 26, 2010 at 2:49 PM)  

Good luck for the move this weekend! Leo's so efficient packing himself into a box like that.

Pauline Stockhausen  – (August 31, 2010 at 7:09 PM)  

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