a very productive weekend

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This weekend proved to be so productive, I think that I can take the next one off!

Firstly, I had Friday off Uni due to handing in my assignment early on Friday (what a swat! Haha) so I spent the day making all sorts of goodies for the upcoming Kraftbomb market. I ran out of Fawns, Magnets and Brooches at the last one, so I really had to pull finger and get cracking making some more stuff. I also made some of my new designs of Mice and Squirrels and they came out so well. Now I just have to take some lovely photo's, hopefully a sunny day is soon so I can have some decent lighting!

The Postman was also kind to me on Friday and delivered my beautiful new postcards! They look so great (which was quite a releif) and it will be great to hand them out about the place, with the forst lucky bunch to be given with purchases at this months Kraftbomb!

Bread Making...
I remember my Mum making bread for us all the time when we were kids, mainly because we had a gluten intolerance, but I think it was also something nice to do with my brother and I. When I had my daughter, Mum gave me her La Leche League cookbook (printed in 1985, scribbles courtesy of me circa 1986, Mum actually set up the Devonport La Leche League group in the 80's too!) and it's been awesome cooking all the yummy things that she made for us when we were kids.

Anyway, I decided to have a go at making some bread myself being that mine had all run out, and rather then take a trip to the shops I'd put in some elbow grease. This loaf that I made isn't gluten free as I have outgrown my intolerance, but I'll be attempting a gluten free loaf next weekend for Grace as she has a gluten free diet with a severe intolerance.

As you can see, jewelery was forgotten and is actually now soaking trying to get the glue-like substance off... Still, proud of the fact I didn't make a total mess of the kitchen!

After ten minutes of kneading, above is my lovely dough sitting on a warm oven, waiting to rise... (I am REALLY going to feel that tomorrow, aching arms already!). I waited for it to rise, and kneaded again, split it into two, popped it in the bread tin (thanks to Mum for that also, I think it's about as old as me..) let it rise again and bunged it into the oven.

I did learn today, that a top tip for making a nice crust is to pop a ceramic dish of water in the bottom of the oven while it's heating, the leave it there when it's cooking too - apparently the steam is what makes it nice, and it really did. Thanks to the Farmgirl Fare blog for that!

And as you can see here, I have two giant buns that are soft, springy and oh-my-goodness so delicious! I think next time though, I'll leave the dough in one bit as it looks a bit demented in two bits... Still, breakfast tomorrow will be awesome!

Cat Napping...
We also took a trip out to have coffee with friends on Saturday morning. As we left, Leo our cat had jumped into Grace's new dolls cot (that she got for her birthday last week) to have a nice, comfy nap. When we came home the little blighter was still in there! Grace thought it was excellent to have a real live baby to 'play' with, that was until he got a bit cross about it and the claws came out...

Anzac Biscuits!
And finally, this evening I made some Anzac biscuits (also care of Mums La Leche League book). As you can see, they merged into one and I have some giant biscuits, but I am in no way complaining. I'll have to work out why that was, but they taste absolutely amazing and I'll be looking forward to having one with my mid-morning cuppa tomorrow!

Have a good rest of your weekend everyone!
Jess x x

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